code4lib 2015

I’m still digesting code4lib 2015. This was my first time attending the conference, and I had an amazing time.

I really like that the community is occupationally diverse (librarians, archivists, catalogers, server admins, developers…), friendly and welcoming, and refreshingly informal. The talks exposed me to a lot of new technologies, but most importantly on a personal level, they motivate me to learn as much as I can and push continually forward. I was one of few public librarians present, but that makes the motivation all the more compelling, in a way. My mind is already swimming with ideas to bring back to the office tomorrow.

And of course, I met a lot of nice and interesting people. The IRC channel is one of this group’s strengths, and I’m hoping to keep in touch with my new acquaintances through there and email. It was neat to meet a few people that I already knew from the channel. The drinkup was a good time, as was the D&D game we organized for game night (the rogue was maimed and killed in an epic fashion by a mob of zombies).

Portland is a cool city. Excellent transit, tons of local shops and restaurants, green. Reminded me of Pittsburgh crossed with Austin, and some of the people reminded me of New Orleans. It was maybe a little less Portlandia than I expected, but I also didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside of the conference.

Highlights for me:

I did hit the wall, as I’m told everyone at code4lib does. For me, it was sometime Wednesday afternoon. I also had to leave during Thursday’s Lightning Talks to catch my flight. So there are some things I need to go back and review.

Certainly the best conference I’ve ever attended, I hope to go back next year!

P.S. I guess I ought to mention my own Lightning Talk 🙂 The fact that I didn’t know what a Lightning Talk was before arriving, yet gave one on the second day, which in turn generated new conversations, is one of the things that makes code4lib great.

P.P.S. This isn’t the first incarnation of, but it is a new one. Welcome!

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