Vsmart notices repo

If you’re a user/administrator of Infor’s Vsmart ILS, you may have seen a mysterious issue come up with email notices: sometimes, the interface acts like it’s emailing, but under the hood nothing’s really going on. At least, we’ve had this problem.The fact that it’s intermittent and seems to lack any pattern makes it difficult to troubleshoot.

Our workaround is to check the text files generated by the ILS, whose contents are then dumped into email bodies and sent. We fetch the files for a given date over FTP, then use regex to count how many files there are for each category (two overdue categories, item reservation pickup notices, and long-overdue invoices). These counts are written to a SQL Server table, which has an INSERT trigger that sends an email if there is a 0 in an expected category.

My initial commit was a few months ago, but I’ve tweaked it off and on since then. You can find it here.

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