Look ma, I made the paper

Almost forgot to share that I had the lovely opportunity to talk with C.J. Futch, a reporter for The Advocate, and a couple of coworkers to discuss our various DIY classes at the library. You can read the story here.

Vsmart notices repo

If you’re a user/administrator of Infor’s Vsmart ILS, you may have seen a mysterious issue come up with email notices: sometimes, the interface acts like it’s emailing, but under the hood nothing’s really going on. At least, we’ve had this…Continue Reading →


Need to load in ical data (e.g. exported from Google Calendar) into Booked? There’s a repo for that: https://github.com/dojobo/icaljson2booked Please be warned it’s a work-in-progress though!

code4lib 2015

I’m still digesting code4lib 2015. This was my first time attending the conference, and I had an amazing time. I really like that the community is occupationally diverse (librarians, archivists, catalogers, server admins, developers…), friendly and welcoming, and refreshingly informal….Continue Reading →